Day 24 – Home Straight

It’s one week until the end of FrOctober, which means we are now on the proverbial home straight, so here’s the last of my bought, begged, borrowed and blagged frocks. Being very much a pear-shaped person, I struggle with shift dresses and this one was no exception – it’s really too big on the top, but there wasn’t much chance of shoe-horning my bum into the next size down! Think I’ll be sticking to empire-line cuts for any future frock purchases!

No one pointed & laughed at my misguided matchey tight choice!

With a week to go, it’s great to see that funds are still coming in – and I heard a rumour on Twitter today that tomorrow we might get some photographic evidence of our first male Frockers, so keep an eye on Facebook for those pics!


Day 23 – Bad Frocker

I like to think I am pretty good at giving advice (hopefully only when solicited) but I am hopeless at taking my own and after all I’ve been harping on about making time for yourself, I really didn’t today.

We have a hectic schedule on a Tuesday morning: school run, Tots Bop, feed the ducks (who turned their snobby beaks up at our vintage brown sliced today, clearly too full of artisan bread & ciabatta), swimming.

The Little Frocker & I love the actual swimming lesson, but the getting-dressed-again-afterwards is a huge fag and never more so than today, when I had to get us both back in our tights before she kicked off. So I couldn’t be bothered to put on make-up or do anything much about my hair which had gone totally Mad Scientist as a result of the fog and swimming pool. And I felt a bit scummy and yuck for the rest of the day as a result.

‘Scuse the shabby photo – I promise to try harder for the rest of the month!

Just noticed my dress is see-through too. That’s super.

Day 22 – Fantastic Froggers

Frocker + Blogger = Frogger! D’you see what I did there? Not sure that one’s going to catch on but anyway…

My Day 22 dress and my crazy son

One of the nicest things about being involved in this Challenge has been reading everyone’s different takes on PND and Frocking, so I wanted to do a shout out to all the lovely bloggers
who’ve been the driving force of FrOctober. Blogging looks easy to the uninitiated, but as someone who has spent the last 18 years writing for a living (mainly for fairly dry corporate websites), I thought that writing about something fun like this would be easy, but it’s actually been a big stretch writing for the blog every day (as you can probably tell. Sorry. But the dog ate my homework)

Here’s a few favorite posts, but I’m sure there are more out there – if you’ve blogged about FrOctober, please put a link in the Comments!

The speed with which the FrOctober message travelled and it’s reach (Dubai!! Dubai, people!!) is down to these lovely Froggers and others like them. Not wanting to go all Oscar Speechy, but thanks.

Day 21 – Small Victory

This week in my Weight Watcher’s session we were ‘doing’ Non-Scale Victories e.g. changes in measurements, other people noticing you’ve lost weight, going down the dress sizes. Today’s dress is a bit of a non-scale victory for me, as this is the first time I’ve been able to get into it since I was just barely pregnant with my eldest. I know I’ve used food as a prop since becoming a Mum, but a victory like this one, (no matter how small & trivial) helps me feel good enough not to reach for the biscuits when it’s all kicking off with the childerbeasts!

Day 20 – Layers

Evening! So I spent the day at Paultons Park and despite the forecast being less apocalyptic than recent days, I knew that it would probably be a bit nippy. I’ll say this for being 3 stone overweight – you don’t really feel the cold and I am feeling it a lot more now, so it was on with the new dress, on with a mahooosive cardigan and (you guessed it) on with my trusty favorite scarf! Was fairly cold after a whole day outside but the layers definitely helped.

Looking a bit knackered & windswept after a day hoicking round Peppa Pig World!

Days 16 to 19 – Back With Another One of Those Frock-Rocking Beats

Evening Frockers! Been a bit of a busy week at Casa Johns, so tonight’s the first chance I’ve had to post some frock pics *shameface*.

Seriously flagging with the frocks now, the fragility of tights is driving me bonkers and I will never learn to bend at the knee and not at the waist (apologies to everyone in town who I flashed whilst bending down to adjust the buggy today).

But I took back an unworn dress I bought last month and exchanged it for a corker which I’ll be wearing tomorrow and I’m hoping a new one will help me get my mojo back.

Fundraising is going well – my dress auction is slowly picking up bidders and my lovely Weight Watchers group have let me highjack next week’s meeting (and our monthly raffle) for FrOctober – I think I’m going to rack out a cocktail dress for that one!

Day 16 & 17

Day 18 & 19

Day 15 – Tea Dress

This dress nearly got eBayed last night – it’s too big, especially around the chest, and I’ve never really got to grips with how to style it, but I thought I’d give it one last go, with a bright cardi and some knee-high boots. I actually really enjoyed wearing it, as it has quite a full swishy skirt – will definitely have to keep an eye out for this shape in future.

Wondering how everyone else is finding the frocking at this mid-point. I am really really missing my jeans – not sure I’ve got the stamina for 16 more days of frocks!