Meet The Frocker

My name’s Becca, I’m a part-time marketer and full-time Mum of two and I’m popping my blogging cherry today to issue you a Challenge. But first, a bit of background…

Becca in her uniform

In my ‘uniform’ – jeans, Breton top, scarf

Jeans have always been my uniform, especially since I became a mum 5 years ago. With the exception of the one day a week I’m in the office, I live in jeans and have begun to think that, like Ken’s pants, they’re actually welded on. When my old life was nuked by the arrival of a baby boy, my new one involved a lot more crawling around on the floor & bodily fluids than my previous one had (honest), so jeans were the only practical choice. My denim dependency reached its height in 2011 after my daughter was born and I slopped around in a crappy pair of terrible-fitting, cheap, dated, mumsy jeans because I didn’t have the energy or will to try harder. I have a horrible feeling they were maternity ones that I just kept wearing out of exhaustion.

Recently I’ve started to see looking after myself as an investment in someone who was ‘worth it’ rather than something I feel guilty about. Taking 5 extra minutes to put on some mascara and pick out something nice to wear makes me feel better for the rest of the day, which means I’m a nicer mum, a (slightly) less naggy wife, possibly even a more tolerable colleague and friend. As I saw it put brilliantly on a comment on the FrOctober Facebook page “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”. A year after my daughter was born, in this spirit of finally being ‘worth it’ I joined Weight Watchers and in the last 6 months, I’ve made a 34 pound dent in the truckload of chub I put on during both my pregnancies. As well as being horribly smug about it, I feel better & younger, have more energy, am better at mental arithmetic, a more tuneful singer and look more like the person I was before Motherhood hit me like a train. Unfortunately, it also means I own very few clothes that still fit. I’m about as fashion-forward as a Rubiks Cube and in my ‘upper-30s’, but I’d still like to rock the odd more-wearable trend before it’s nothing but slacks from the back of the Sunday Telegraph.

FrOctober will be quite a challenge for me.  Right now, I own one servicable dress (not counting my wedding dress, which I never did dye to wear to parties, because no one actually does this, ever) and a couple of skirts which may or may not fall down like the Tombliboo’s trousers, but without the comedy noise. Which means I am going to have to buy, beg, borrow or steal a couple of frocks  because otherwise that’s me doing the school run in the pissing rain in a red strapless ball dress because it’s all I’ve got.

I hope you’ll want to do take the FrOctober challenge with Dee, Eliza and I. I’ll be blogging as I stumble hysterically around charity shops, eBay and places that will melt my credit card, in search of FrOctober frocks!


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