November 1 – DeFrocked

WOOT!! We did it – a whole month of Frocking Goodness!! I will be rocking frocks more often now that I am no longer phobic about my own legs, but I could snog my jeans I’m that pleased to see them.

It’s been, quite frankly, mental (yes, I know some people will think that’s an inappropriate choice of word. Suck it up, Thought Police, that’s how it’s been).

A month ago, I woke up with the word ‘Froctober’ in my head and it snowballed from there. We’ve raised over a grand. We’ve reached people all over the place (still wondering how Kate got on in the desert in her frock) and we’ve inadvertantly caused a lovely bunch of young men to cross-dress (bursts with pride).

Hopefully, we’ve helped a few Mums feel better along the way too, because ‘If Mama Aint Happy, Aint Nobody Happy’. That thought is so central to the campaign for me that I’m half-thinking of having it tattoed somewhere (don’t worry, Mum, you know I’m too scared of needles to go through with it).

We’ll be back next year, bigger, badder and frockier  –  for now, thanks for reading and for being part of FrOctober 2012. You are super.


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