Day 31 – Wedding Dress Weds/Halloween

Evening Frockers and what a spooctacular day it’s been (admit it, you’ll miss my puns now this is over, right? No? I’ll get my coat). Here are your last two dresses of FrOctober 2012 from me.

Dee and I decided to mark the last day of FrOctober with ‘Wedding Dress Wednesday’. I feel like a massive fraud for agreeing to do it, as I was working from home today, so only the postman, my husband, my son and the cleaner actually saw me in my wedding dress, whereas Dee, being the massive trooper she is, actually went into the office in hers.

I loved putting my dress on again after 10 years, but couldn’t work out how to lace up the back and couldn’t wait to get it off again once I remembered just how scratchy all the embellishment on the bodice was. Then it was on with an old black ponte dress, on with my witch’s hat and off trick or treating with my little Ghost Pirate!

I’ll blog again tomorrow with a campaign round-up, but tonight I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who frocked, blogged, Tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebooked, sponsored and generally supported the campaign this month.


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