Day 30 – Getting Serious

So it’s another post where I need to get the dress out of the way quickly, so I can talk about something else, so here it is…

Ancient Topshop tunic, accessorised with a muslin square & the 1000 yard stare of someone dosed up to the eyeballs with Lemsip!

Now I was all set for today’s post to be solely about us having hit our fundraising target. We are up to 97% on the Everyclick page and with the £60 or so from my eBay auction (which won’t show up there for a week or two) we’ve hit our £1000 target, something that everyone involved in the campaign should be immensly proud of. A month ago, Dee, Eliza and I were literally just pulling the idea together, so no one had much of a ‘run-up’ to this and now we’ve got a grand in the bank for PNI ORG, which rocks.

But, actually, I want to talk about why this really matters – which is because PND is a really serious illness, as anyone seeing the news about Felicia Boots today will understand. There’s little point speculating as to whether Lily and Mason would still be alive if Felicia had been taking her antidepressants or had more or different support. Each person’s experience of PND is so different and so too the treatment that’s required, but I can’t help but wonder how things might have turned out for the family if PND was more widely understood or spoken about. If Felicia had known that being on antidepressants doesn’t mean your children will be taken away.

So, although we’ve hit a financial target and not an insubstantial one, there are other goals against which to measure the success of FrOctober. If just one person out there who thinks they might have PND feels more able to go & get help, then it’s been a success. If one person feels like they can say to a friend “I think I have PND” without feeling like that friend will run away screaming. If one person doesn’t end up feeling how Felicia Boots did.

I’ve stayed away from the serious stuff on the Blog on the whole, but on this penultimate FrOctober day, it’s worth remembering the serious side of FrOctober too.


One thought on “Day 30 – Getting Serious

  1. Dee

    Well done Becca.
    You have stayed away from the serious stuff, with every intention of doing so. But today it feels right to acknowledge just how life threatening perinatal illnesses can be. It feels right to do so in support of Felicia Boots and her family, and it feels right to do so in memory of her dear children, Lily and Mason.

    As you rightly point out, if the buzz surrounding frOctober made just one person realise that they need help, or helped just one mother to see that having PND is not tantamount to failure as a mother, then we did our job.

    Roll on next year when we can bring this cause to the fore, where it needs to be for the health and safety of mothers and families.


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