Day 29 – Nightdress

Evening Frock Fans. So, yesterday’s chill wasn’t a chill, it was another bug and I got to spend today in bed with a temperature and a sandpaper throat. Great. I’ll be getting the flu jab the minute I can stay well for long enough to get to Boots (fat chance living with the Toddler Germ Sponge). I’m still technically Frocking here, even if it’s a nightdress (no mean comments about snow blindness caused by my white legs now….)

For a much more stylish take on FrOctober (not like that’s hard, but anyway), check out Kat’s post yesterday on Does My Bum Look 40 In This? I love Kat’s mummy luxe style and as a fellow dress-o-phobe, it’s great to get her onboard!


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