Day 25 – Dudes in Dresses

Let’s just get my dress out of the way early, blah, you’ve seen it before, big whoop, because the news of the day has got to be our first Fellas in frocks!!! Dudes in Dresses, people!!!.

I like to think I am dedicated to the FrOctober cause. After all I’ve worn a dress all blinking month, to everything, running, archery, Zumba, work, Tots Bop, despite the fact that I’m right out of my comfort zone. But let’s face it, I’m a girl, so no one is really going to bat that much of an eyelid.

So I’m struggling a bit to find the right words to convey just how impressed we are by the team at Technophobia, who showed a new level of commitment to the campaign today, with most of the (mainly male) team rocking up to work in frocks and with some lovely accessories to boot. Working in them, interviewing in them, bucket-shaking round the office in them and even going to the pub in them at lunchtime.

Twitter was buzzing with insights from Technophobia Frockers which had FrOctober HQ in stitches;

Can’t get the bloody hem straight #froctober

My legs are cold. #ShouldHaveBroughtTights #FrOctober

Tim is sitting in an interview with a colleague and a prospective employee; Tim is wearing a dress! Haha #FrOctober

Just took my dress off temporarily and my tits fell out #FrOctober

I’m about to go for the most confusing wee, ever. #FrOctober

Web agency Technophobia have a special link to FrOctober, as they revamped the PNI ORG UK website, run by the lovely Nat Ellis (top right, sequinned blazer), who says “When I told my work about FrOctober, they started thinking of ideas how we could all take part and this seemed the best way to get involved for a company of mainly men!”

I am doing a Wayne’s World ‘We’re Not Worthy‘ grovel right now. Technophobia, we salute you!!


2 thoughts on “Day 25 – Dudes in Dresses

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