Day 24 – Home Straight

It’s one week until the end of FrOctober, which means we are now on the proverbial home straight, so here’s the last of my bought, begged, borrowed and blagged frocks. Being very much a pear-shaped person, I struggle with shift dresses and this one was no exception – it’s really too big on the top, but there wasn’t much chance of shoe-horning my bum into the next size down! Think I’ll be sticking to empire-line cuts for any future frock purchases!

No one pointed & laughed at my misguided matchey tight choice!

With a week to go, it’s great to see that funds are still coming in – and I heard a rumour on Twitter today that tomorrow we might get some photographic evidence of our first male Frockers, so keep an eye on Facebook for those pics!


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