Days 16 to 19 – Back With Another One of Those Frock-Rocking Beats

Evening Frockers! Been a bit of a busy week at Casa Johns, so tonight’s the first chance I’ve had to post some frock pics *shameface*.

Seriously flagging with the frocks now, the fragility of tights is driving me bonkers and I will never learn to bend at the knee and not at the waist (apologies to everyone in town who I flashed whilst bending down to adjust the buggy today).

But I took back an unworn dress I bought last month and exchanged it for a corker which I’ll be wearing tomorrow and I’m hoping a new one will help me get my mojo back.

Fundraising is going well – my dress auction is slowly picking up bidders and my lovely Weight Watchers group have let me highjack next week’s meeting (and our monthly raffle) for FrOctober – I think I’m going to rack out a cocktail dress for that one!

Day 16 & 17

Day 18 & 19


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