Frocking All Over the World

As a challenge that started on Twitter, I shouldn’t be surprised that the Frock Rocking message has travelled beyond the shores of Blighty, but there were virtual squeaks of excitement at FrOctober HQ when the following note popped into the Facebook mailbox last week from Kate in Dubai:

“I am busy raising awareness and funds this month. Pleased to be joining you from sunny Dubai! I have asked all the lovely mummys from my mum’s group to donate and support me to wearing a dress for October. I am loving it and feels great to not spend the day sporting my PJ’s.”

Kate’s Day 13 Dress by the Burj Al Arab! 

Kate heard about FrOctober from Alice from More Than Toast’s blog post (thanks Alice!) and is going for the full-on frocking challenge – next Saturday she is off to the desert, so will be rocking a dress in the sand dunes!

Kate & her babes in the park – climbing to the top of the slide in a dress was fun!

I think Kate looks doubly amazing given her youngest is only 11 weeks old and says that wearing a dress has made her day more productive and made her feel better about herself. Seeing the lovely sunshine in Dubai certainly made me feel better!

If you’re Frocking outside of the UK, we’d love to hear about it – send us a message on Facebook or Twitter!


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