Day 14 – Bet Lynch in the Wood

Two weeks in and I’m really missing my jeans. In a desperate attempt to find something clean to wear, I racked out a new leopard-print jumper dress, which I haven’t had the balls to wear yet, as it’s very short and there’s not room for me and lunch in it. I bought it a week ago in a fit of wild confidence brought on by a week’s frocking (who knew a shirt dress would be the gateway drug to this one?). To say it’s a departure for me would be an understatement. I felt frankly daft tramping round (another) wood in it, like Bet Lynch got lost on her way home from the pub. I think I’ll be wearing this over jeans come November!!

Thank heavens for a big parka and a scarf

Am listing some frocks on eBay tonight for a FrOctober auction and will shortly post some tips on doing a listing like this, in case anyone wants to give it a go!


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