Day 10 – A Fundraising Idea for the Bold

So at the start of FrOctober I mentioned that I might end up doing the school run in a ball dress as I had so few dresses.

One of my friends (whose daughter is at the same school as my son) called me on it when she kindly sponsored me, saying “I want to see the ball gown in the playground…. ;)” and it got me thinking, just how much money would it take for me to do the school run in said dress? I mean, our playground is scary (lots of Boden coats & running kit) and the dress is a pre-child number so I can’t get the back totally done up and it’s kind of a huge red meringue and and and… well, here it is.

I’m particularly pleased with the tan lines, woolly tights & slippers styling.

So here’s a fundraising idea to up the ante getting friends to sponsor you – how about finding an unusual dress and issuing the challenge that:

  • When I get sponsored £250 (total), I’ll wear the dress on the school run/to work/school/toddler group/grocery shopping
  • If I get sponsored £300 I won’t cover it up with a massive coat
  • If I get sponsored £350 I’ll wear evening gloves with it
  • If I get sponsored £400 I’ll wear a feather boa
  • Etc etc

Now I don’t have the stones to do it, but I figured I’d share it in case any of you more confident frockers fancied laying down the gauntlet (or evening glove) to your friends… and it seems like it would be a great challenge for any potential male frockers out there!

Today’s frock is a particularly poor effort, but I’m just not as creative with a raging temperature…



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