Day 8 & 9 – Typhoid Mary

All-day meeting at work yesterday, barely stopped to eat, so didn’t give much thought to how flipping shivery I was until on my way home, when I realised I was actually running a rather charming temperature. Fantastic. Not a huge surprise after the Boy being ill last week (and this being the Toddler Germ-Fest Winter of Doom) but it would have to happen this week, when I’ve got a big marketing campaign going out at work & when my husband is ill too.

The worst thing about being ill when you are the parent of small people is that you can’t “just go to bed” as everyone helpfully suggests, as things still have to get done – meals, baths, breaking up of fights, removal of small bouncy balls from the mouth etc. So you have to keep going, feeling wretched with it and stop doing anything fun, so that you retain your energy for the vital stuff. Also, the Littlest Frocker is very unsympathetic and when I fell asleep briefly on the sofa earlier, she woke me up by hitting me in the face with an empty mug. Thanks for that, you tiny thug.

So a very Jeykl & Hyde pair of frocks from me – Monday’s A-Game Boden dress, which I love for it’s unusual print and then today’s sicknote Jumper dress, leggings, cardi & slippers!!



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