Fundraising Ideas for Frockers

Now we’re getting in the Frocking swing (that sounds wrong, but let’s just go with it anyway), it’s time to give some thought to the reason we’re all doing this, which is to raise funds for our PND charity, PNI ORG.Here’s some top fundraising ideas to see you through frOctober from our Campaign Powerhouse Dee:

  1. If you’re a ‘jeans-only zone’, try seeking sponsorship from those around you to have your pins out for the month. 10p a day would only set them back £3.10!
  2. Ask your better half to pay to see your lovely legs EVERY day (or even just the once) this month. Mine are SO worth the £31 I’m gonna ask him for.
  3. Running low on dresses? Hold a ‘swish’ (see Becca’s post). Charge an entrance fee, take donations on ‘refreshments’ … raising money, spending time with friends and getting ‘new’ clothes – WIN.
  4. Host a frOcktail party. Again, charge an entrance fee/ticket price for cocktails and canapés and ask your friends to come dressed in their favourite frocks. Anything goes, from their wedding dresses to their night dresses.
  5. Fancy Frock Friday. On the same principle as ‘dress down days’, charge £1 or more to your colleagues to come to work in black tie dress code or similar.
  6. Frock’n’roll. Do you take part in a regular exercise class? Take a leaf out of Becca’s book but get sponsored to do your classes this month – in dresses. 
  7. Did you grow/shrink/change shape while you were growing human beings inside your body? Why not hock those maternity frocks/outgrown/underloved dresses and donate half the proceeds?

I’m stopping at seven simple, yet brilliant fundraising ideas, so that we can fill 8, 9, and 10 (possibly further) with YOUR contributions. How are YOU going to fundraise this frOctober?

Read more from Dee at her blog, The Inexpert


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