One Dress, 7 Ways

School Gate Style blogger Avril shows us a whole week’s worth of looks with one inexpensive dress!

It’s Avril here from School Gate Style  and today’s blog is to help you rock your frock this FrOctober 2012.  I’m delighted to be involved in this great initiative and hope that you will give it your support during the month.

If you check out my blog, you’ll notice that I’m not a big dress wearer. However, I want to change that – I’m fed up of skinny jeans every day, so when Becca told me about FrOctober, I knew this was the encouragement I needed to get my legs out! I’m going to dedicate a blog post every week in October to FrOctober and wear one of my lightly-used dresses (and wear them as much as possible on other days too). As someone who never wore skinny jeans until a couple of years ago, I’m absolutely convinced that it’s all in the mind. We just need to get used to wearing dresses. And I guarantee you, you’ll get compliments!

So to kick off my month of frocks, Becca asked me to give you all some inspiration for your dress wearing. I’ve taken one £20 green long-sleeved dress from H&M and styled it 7 ways, using Polyvore (a fashion website that allows you to make up outfits online – it’s FAB!)
Not all the looks will suit everyone but the important thing to take from this is that there is more than one way to wear a fab frock and it can really suit lots of different occasions from work, to the school run to a night out!

I hope you enjoy my outfits and please give your support to FrOctober this month. A small donation will go a long way to help women struggling with Post Natal Illness….


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