Day Two

Tuesdays are a ‘Mumming’ day for me and today was very much a day at the coalface of childcare with my toddler trying to make 5am the new 7am and my son off school with a roaring fever.  Shattered by 8am and looking for the dress equivalent of trackie bottoms and t-shirt, I dug out an ancient White Stuff dress which I wore over jeans when pregnant with my daughter – doesn’t fit brilliantly, but it’s comfortable!

FrOctober Day 2

Hope you’ve enjoyed Avril’s fab guest post today- I’m beavering away trying to line up some more as the month continues.

We’re also off the starting blocks with some donations on our Everyclick page – remember, every donation, no matter how small, will help us help women with post-natal illness. I’m midway through pulling together some fundraising ideas too – watch this space!


4 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. The Inexpert

    I’m enjoying the vibrant tights with your frocks. And my colleague has your Day1 dress, well, she thinks she does, is it a Hush dress?

    1. Becca Johns Post author

      Thanks – good old M&S! The Day 1 dress is Hush – got it in the summer but it’s been a bit snug on the arms ’til now. I like it but Mr Johns says it looks like a maternity dress. Charming!

      1. The Inexpert

        RUDE. And he’s mistaken (well, he’s wrong but I am trying to be diplomatic). It doesn’t look like a maternity dress on you, it might on some shapes, but not on yours. x

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