Day One

Good Evening Frockers! Pinch, punch it’s the first day of the month, so it’s goodbye to my beloved jeans and hello to my legs, which my great, late Granpa Jack  described as being “Like a prop-forward’s”. Thanks for that, Granpa.

Monday is an Office day for me, so I found it pretty easy to frock, as I do wear dresses at work. My outfit is all about my new scarf, which I bought on Saturday when I should have been trying to find more dresses. I love scarves, you don’t need decent legs for them, but it’s not flipping Scarftober.

FrOctober Day One

Rather harder to pull off was my Zumba class, but I am nothing but a slave to the cause, so I went for it anyway in an ancient animal print tunic! Here’s me and my lovely Zumba South Hants Instructor Cilla at Zumba tonight. As usual, I am a sweaty wreck.

Saw a lot of lovely dresses on Twitter and Instagram – what were you frocking today?


8 thoughts on “Day One

  1. The Inexpert

    You WIN! I could not locate a dress that would have enabled pilates so just did the one frock today. Will try harder for next week’s class.
    Well done Becca. You work outfit was LUSH, love that new scarf!


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